Georgia doesn't work for working class people. In these troubling times, we need to put the people above corporate and establishment interests. We believe in comprehensive, data-driven change to our state's government, in expanding healthcare, and ensuring that every Georgian has a good work environment, a decent education, an affordable house, and a future for their family's children.


With the Coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that Georgians have access to healthcare. We believe that COVID-19 tests should be free, and we believe that treatment for Coronavirus should not bankrupt anyone. The fight for adequate healthcare in Georgia does not end with Coronavirus legislation, we will push for systematic change to insure Georgians can lead healthy, long lives.

  • Coronavirus Relief

We support full coverage of all medical costs associated with coronavirus. Additionally, we support rent and mortgage freezes.

  • Full Medicaid Expansion

Expanding Medicaid is the first step towards reducing medical costs for Georgians.

  • Capping Co-Pays

Medication shouldn't cost you your life savings. We will cap co-pays on pills and doctor visits in the state of Georgia, in order to ensure that people get the healthcare they need.

  • Stop Uncovered Hospitals

When you need emergency care in Georgia and you have healthcare coverage, it shouldn't matter what hospital you're taken to. We believe that any insurance company operating in Georgia should be required to cover all hospitals in Georgia.

  • Lower Maternal Mortality

Georgia has a maternal mortality higher than countries America has been bombing for the last two decades. We will push for universal maternity leave and funding for women's health services.


We are in a housing crisis, and in order to protect the working class, we need action. We support comprehensive housing reform, including decreasing mortgage rates, increasing mortgage availability, protecting tenants unions, build public options for housing, strengthening cooperative housing development, and ending homelessness in our state.

  • Rent-to-Own program

We will propose a state rent-to-own program where the state government will fund the construction of mixed income public housing that anyone in the state can apply for. The housing units will then be rented at the lowest possible rate to recuperate the cost of construction over 30 years. The renters will be part of a housing cooperative with full ownership of their unit transferred to them after 30 years worth of payments.

  • State Mortgage Program

We will create a state lending agency that will provide low interest loans to every Georgian. Loaning criteria will be well defined and transparent to ensure there is no discrimination and to ensure fiscal solvency. Loans will be made available with little or no down-payment.

  • Statewide Rent Control

We believe in capping rent at affordable rates in order to prevent the wholesale exploitation of Georgians.

Criminal Justice

Georgia spends over 1 billion dollars per year housing inmates and funding probation for non-violent offenders. Ending discriminatory and outdated laws will reduce crime, reduce prison spending, and boost our economy.

  • Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana is safer than alcohol and less addictive than tobacco. It's time we stop criminalizing harmless activities. We support pardoning all non-violent marijuana related offenses. We support full legalization of marijuana under a worker cooperative model, and we support providing assistance to communities most affected by the War on Drugs to start these cooperatives.

  • End Cash Bail, End Mass Incarceration, End Private Prisons.

We believe that cash bail is a weapon used to bludgeon the poor and the marginalized, so that prison executives can make a dime off of taxpayers. We believe in ending these oppressive institutions.

  • End Execution

State execution is an embarrassment for Georgia: it is a human rights violation that disproportionately affects marginalized communities.

  • Reform Civil Forfeiture Laws

Civil forfeiture is regularly used to seize property held by the poor and marginalized. We believe in comprehensive reform of this system to benefit working class people, and to provide community oversight over all civil forfeiture cases.

  • We will provide funding for all DNA testing backlogs.
  • We will implement legislation where citizens can initiate a recall election on their local police officers, and we will create grassroots civilian oversight boards for police departments.
  • End the militarization of police departments.

Voting Rights

The political establishment does not want Georgians to vote. They are happy with status quo. If we want real improvements, we need to make sure we have a functioning democracy.

  • Hand-marked Paper Ballots

We need to move away from easily hackable electronic ballots and move to a paper system. Georgians are at high risk for voter fraud.

  • Restore Voting Precincts

Shutting down polling places is a tool of voter suppression and needs to end. In most modern Democratic countries, it never takes more than 30 minutes to vote. There should not be lines at the polls for hours.

  • Voter Registration

Voter registration will be automatic for all Georgia high school students when they turn 18. Georgians will be able to register on Election Day. We believe Voter ID should not be required for voting or registration.

  • Election Day Holiday

We believe in making Election day a State Holiday. Companies will be required to allow time off for voting.

  • Ranked Choice Voting

It is time we update our voting process in Georgia. When the establishment parties don't represent the people, we need something better than a choice between the lesser of two evils. Ranked choice voting will allow for more choices for the Georgian people.

  • Fair Political Parties

The Georgia government provides legal and financial benefits to the Republican and Democratic parties, in order that there can be no viable alternative that will promote the interests of working class people. We will introduce sweeping legislation to remove all forms of advantage given to the establishment parties, and to provide easier ballot access for alternative parties.

Worker's Rights

Banding together and collective bargaining are the working class's best tools for fighting income inequality. It's time fore Georgia to start working for workers.

  • Increase Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is not enough to live on in Georgia. A minimum wage should be living wage, and it should increase with the cost of living, productivity, and inflation. We believe 15 dollars an hour is a good start for a minimum wage.

  • End "Right to Work"

"Right to Work" is a nice name for a terrible policy that violates every Georgian's constitutionally protected right to freedom of association. We support unions. Corporations don't want workers to unionize because they know a union worker gets a fair days pay.

  • Salary Listing

Businesses will be required to list the salaries of all positions in their companies in a public database. This means every Georgian will know how much they should be paid for their job, helping to end all discriminatory wage gaps.

  • Worker Organizations

We plan to support workers by providing financing for startup co-ops, and ending discrimination against unions, credit unions and worker co-ops.

We believe that workers should receive the full value of their labor. We will guarantee unions the right to strike, organize, and will stop employers from singling out employees who decide to unionize. We believe that worker organization is the only true way to accomplish progressive goals and keep progressive policies in place.

  • End the 'Gig Economy'

We believe in removing the contract worker loophole, forcing corporations to pay their employees a fair wage, and provide corporate contractors with the benefits other workers enjoy.

  • Employer of Last Resort

We will implement a system for the Georgian government to function as an employer of last resort, guaranteeing a job to any Georgian who needs one.

Environment & Infrastructure

We believe in free public transport and sustainable, green infrastructure, implemented by 2030.

  • Expand and Update MARTA

We believe in massively expanding MARTA and powering its transports with green energy. We believe in making MARTA fare free.

  • Repair our Broken Roads

We believe in cutting contract construction companies out of the deal and directly hiring their workers through both the state and city governments in order to repair our roads in a reasonable amount of time.

  • A Georgian Green New Deal

We support a 2030 fossil fuel ban for all state contractors, and heavy investment in the technologies that are going to be fundamental for a green future, such as nuclear power, renewables, plant-based or lab-grown meat, and battery technology. We believe in bringing a new kind of worker positive tech sector to Georgia to accomplish these goals.


We believe in expanding the HOPE scholarship extensively and ensuring that all Georgians can receive a proper education.

  • Expand the HOPE Scholarship

We support free public college for Georgian high school graduates who pursue in-demand majors, which will be funded by the HOPE scholarship and similar programs.

  • Educational Options

The one-size-fits-all Georgian educational system is broken. The reality is that not every student wants to go to college. We will work with unions, businesses, and cooperatives to provide an education that teaches the skills and builds the connections these students need to start a career the day they graduate.

  • Free Meals for Students

We will provide free nutritious meals for all public primary and secondary school students and provide a meal stipend for college students.

  • Give Teachers a Say

We believe teachers should be able to freely associate, unionize, strike, and demand better working conditions without fear of reprisal.

Womens' Rights

Women face many challenges that men do not. Our campaign will always fight for womens' reproductive and legal rights.

  • Our campaign supports equal pay for equal work for all workers, including women. We will introduce legislation to force all Georgian businesses and government agencies to display salaries for all of their employees publicly. This bill will allow women and minorities to pursue litigation against employers that do not respect their right to equal pay for equal work.
  • Increasing rates of maternal mortality are unacceptable, especially among black women. We will pursue any and every policy to reduce these rates, and be certain that doctors are listening to women.
  • We believe in reducing the costs and copays of all reproductive services in order to reduce rates of unwanted pregnancies and poor health outcomes.
  • We believe in universal childcare.

Racial Justice

We will combat racial inequality at every turn. The problem is systemic, and striving towards racial justice means we must undertake systemic solutions. This is an issue that is hard to keep brief, and our policies are stepping stones towards making a more just society.

  • We believe in democracy and the right to vote. We will end discrimination on this basis by creating new systems to make gerrymandering obsolete in Georgia, by ending voter ID laws, by automatically registering every Georgian student to vote upon graduating from school, and by making Election Day a state holiday.
  • We will end the War on Drugs in Georgia, reform civil asset forfeitures, eliminate private prisons, end cash bail, end all mandatory minimums, end qualified immunity, and bring about major police department reform. We will institute statewide instant recall elections for all elected officials and local law enforcement officers. We will institute civilian oversight boards for police departments that are grassroots in nature and have the ability to fire officers. We will defund and demilitarize the police and pursue nonviolence as the utmost priority for law enforcement.
  • We will provide funding to be sure that minority communities are not being poisoned by hazardous waste by our businesses or through poor infrastructure, we will fund cleanups of hazardous waste in minority communities, and we will provide funding to assist communities against climate change.
  • Our campaign believes in equal pay for equal work. We will introduce legislation to force all Georgian businesses and government agencies to display salaries for their employees publicly. This bill will allow folks to pursue litigation against employers that do not respect their right to equal pay for equal work.
  • We will end the affordable housing crisis, and we will create a statewide rent control program.
  • We believe in expanding the HOPE scholarship to combat education discrimination.
  • We believe in creating a state ran, cheap banking alternative with citizen and worker oversight in order to combat financial discrimination.
  • We will guarantee a job to every Georgian who wants one, in an effort to end structural unemployment and underemployment faced by minority communities.
  • We do not believe the state of Georgia should cooperate with ICE's efforts, and we support the closure of all ICE facilities within Georgia.

GSRM Protections

Many in the GSRM community have experienced discrimination in healthcare, in employment, in marriage, in benefits, and more. We will pass legislation to end all discrimination on these bases, and create a legal system where the GSRM community will be able to pursue their discrimination grievances, free of charge.

  • We will introduce a bill to close all GSRM conversion camps in Georgia, and make those who operated them criminally liable.
  • We will make it legally possible to designate X as a gender on official government documents. We will streamline the entire legal gender designation and name change process in order to make it free of charge and without bureaucracy for both GSRM and non-GSRM folks.
  • We will be sure that our health system and government follows WPATH guidelines at the minimum.
  • We will be certain that all medically necessary procedures can be performed out of state for those insured by companies who operate in Georgia.

Sexual Violence

Women and minorities face staggering amounts of sexual and domestic violence in our state. To reduce incidents of sexual violence, many reforms must be implemented.

  • We do not believe law enforcement officers should be handling victims of sexual and domestic violence. A trained professional should always be handling a victim’s case and be a liaison to law enforcement, and this should be free of charge. We will punish any law enforcement officer that makes light of a victim’s situation. Additionally, victims should be able to change their case worker at will, and should be able to submit accusations to case workers via the internet.
  • We do not believe that law enforcement officers who have been convicted of domestic or sexual violence should be allowed to keep their jobs.
  • We will create a public, state log of all such law enforcement officers that have been accused of domestic or sexual violence, and a state court and state investigation agency will pursue each accusation. These agencies will be transparent and open to citizen oversight.
  • We will provide state funding to fix the rape kit backlog.
  • We will fund the training of additional social workers, therapists, and psychiatrists via HOPE so that victims can have a proper standard of care.
  • Sex workers frequently are murdered, traumatized, or discarded. Sex workers will be exploited so long as sex work remains illegal. We believe in legalizing prostitution for adults capable of consent, prosecuting pimps and sex traffickers, and rewarding sex workers monetarily for turning their abusers in. Similarly, we do not want sex workers to be exploited by the market, their clients, the government, or by the business they are part of. Therefore, we will advocate that all nonindependent sex workers be organized into workers cooperatives and have those cooperatives be regulated by a sex worker led committee. We support healthcare, job transition training, pensions, good wages, and all similar benefits for sex workers and all workers.
  • We will provide state funding to house, support, and provide counseling to all people impacted by domestic violence and sexual trauma. Similarly, we support duty-free cancellation of leases for those who are on the same lease as someone who has physically abused them.
  • We believe in the ability to create recall elections against any politician, and we also believe in communities being able to initiate recall elections against local law enforcement officers.

Do you have any suggestions for our platform? Email to have your voice heard.