Rough Draft Platform

Our platform will be in a rough draft form until we get enough feedback on it: make your voice heard by emailing

Government and Electoral Reform

It’s time to return democracy to all the people; the two party system doesn’t serve the American people. We will eliminate first past the post elections, and implement a ranked choice voting system at the Federal level. This will allow third parties to flourish in our country.

We will pass a new apportionment act to increase the number of U.S representatives and to increase those reps alongside population thereafter.

We will support giving all federal districts, tribes, and territories voting members of the US House of Representatives, and US citizenship.

We will support constitutional amendments to merge the two houses of Congress into a single unicameral legislature.

We will add term limits to the Supreme Court and confirm their position by a general election after they have been selected by Congress.

We will abolish gerrymandered congressional districts and replace them with a single at large multimember district per state with representatives elected by the proportion of votes they receive.

We will make all elected officials be subject to instant recall voting.

We will make election day a federal holiday, and make all eligible voters automatically registered to vote.

We will encourage states and municipalities to participate in direct democracy, primarily through ballot initiatives and instant recall votes.

We support abolishing the electoral college.

We believe that electronic ballot boxes are incredibly dangerous for our democracy and are especially prone to tampering. We support hand marked paper ballots and citizen oversight of election officials.


Healthcare is a human right, and we support a single payer Medicare for All system. This system will include dental, hearing, vision, and home and community-based long-term care, in-patient and out-patient services, mental health and substance abuse treatment, reproductive and maternity care, prescription drugs, and more.

We will make it illegal to patent lifesaving medications and run advertisements for prescription drugs. Additionally, we will provide significant funding for medical research. We do not believe that profit takes precedence over the general health of our society.

We will provide funding and support to help reduce the opioid crisis and pursue litigation against the companies and individuals that created it.

We will stop any subcontracting by hospitals and mandate that every doctor must have medical malpractice insurance countrywide.

In an effort to reduce burnout and medical malpractice, we will eliminate nonmedical ‘scut’ work by doctors, surgeons, and trained medical staff through a federal mandate to insure that they are not being overworked, receive sufficient sleep and downtime, and maximize their time spent with patients.


Housing is a human right. We will extend the homeowner’s tax credits to renters, and disallow it for people in the highest tax brackets.

We will implement a nationwide rent control program, and mandate that all multi-unit rentals include public units for low or no income renters.

No person should be homeless in America. In all of Georgia, we have around 9,500 homeless people on the street at a given time, but in our small district alone we have 25,000 housing vacancies. Our country can easily house the homeless. We will expand our public housing so that everyone will have a warm place to call home.


Climate change is a real long term threat that needs real long term solutions. We support a 2030 fossil fuel ban, and heavy investment in the technologies that are going to be fundamental for a green future, such as nuclear power, renewables, plant-based or lab-grown meat, and battery technology.

We will support an infrastructure bill to create a modern, sustainable, and efficient electrical power grid.

We support passing the required legislation to complete a nuclear waste disposal site in a safe location.

We support investing in a publicly owned, free fare, interstate rail system powered by green energy.

Economic & Workers’ Rights

America is a land of innovation. We plan to support innovation by providing financing for startup co-ops, and ending discrimination against unions, credit unions and worker co-ops.

We will provide grants for worker retraining for jobs lost to automation and the transition to a green economy.

We will pursue policies that prevent companies from outsourcing jobs and the machines necessary for those jobs to other countries.

We will introduce legislation to force all businesses to display salaries for all of their employees publicly.

We will support a better work/life balance, including a mandate for paid maternity/paternity leave, childcare, and a reduction in total working hours to correspond with increases in productivity while maintaining the same pay.

We will require that all job websites and companies use the same federal jobs database so that workers only need to upload their resume once. We will mandate that all resumes follow the same rough format, which will be automatically generated. Workers will also have the option of displaying their resume publicly to certain companies, to certain groups of companies, or to delete their resume from every job database. We will mandate that every company must list the salary of each position they are hiring for.

We will increase the minimum wage to account for the increases in worker productivity and inflation. This wage will gradually increase to a minimum amount of 25 dollars an hour.

We believe that workers should receive the full value of their labor. We will guarantee unions the right to strike, organize, and will stop employers from singling out employees who decide to unionize. We believe that worker organization is the only true way to accomplish our goals and keep our policies in place.

We will end the so-called ‘gig economy’ by removing the contract worker loophole, forcing corporations to pay their employees a fair wage, and provide their contractors with the benefits other workers enjoy.

We will implement a system for the government to function as an employer of last resort, guaranteeing a job to any American who needs one.


We will cancel all student debt for those who attended public universities. Billionaires won’t receive a single cent; collecting on these student debts will be made illegal. A college education will be free at any public university.

The one-size-fits-all American educational system is broken. The reality is that not every student wants to go to college. We will work with unions, businesses, and cooperatives to provide an education that teaches the skills these students need to start a career the day they graduate.

We will provide free nutritious meals for all public school students and a meal stipend for college students.


There’s nothing more American than immigration. We support amnesty and open borders. These concepts ruled American immigration law for most of our history. We believe we must live up to the standards set by the Statue of Liberty and our nations’ past leaders:

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

-the bronze plaque inside the Statue of Liberty

We hope to negotiate a freedom of movement deal with the European Union, Canada, and other countries who wish to be part of this deal. We will also create a process for expanding this deal. After all, if the free world is truly free, shouldn’t we all be able to live, work, and go anywhere we wish?

We believe in abolishing ICE.

Criminal Reform

We need to put an end to mass incarceration. We will abolish the cash bail system. We will abolish private prisons.

We will fund the counseling and mental healthcare that many trapped in the prison system are in desperate need of.

We will legalize marijuana, overturn the convictions for nonviolent offenders, and grants will be given to nonviolent marijuana offenders to start grower co-ops.

We will reform civil forfeiture laws.

We will provide funding for all DNA testing backlogs.

We will put a national moratorium on the death penalty.

We will implement legislation where citizens can initiate a recall election on their local police officers.

Gun Rights

Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated.

The social alienation and despondency inherent to capitalism is the root cause of domestic terrorism: removing guns will only result in a change in tactics for those wanting to carry out attacks. Therefore, we must target the root of the issue. Additionally, we support the funding of mental health services for those most at risk, as well as creating programs at schools where students can be provided these services without risk of repercussion.

Consumer Rights

Americans have had their rights ignored for too long. We will restore net neutrality and repeal and replace the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We believe that once you buy something, you own it and have the right to modify it. We also believe that personal information is yours and yours alone, and you should be able to revoke a company’s access to your personal information.

We will ban predatory lending businesses, such as payday loans and title pawns. They will be replaced with a government run lender of last resort.

We will mandate that automobile companies must adopt standardized parts, which will make the initial cost and maintenance of all cars cheaper.

Campaign Reform

Corporations are not people. We will create legislation to overturn the Citizens United Decision, ban Super PACs, and ban corporate lobbying.

We will work towards full public funding of campaigns, reducing the length of the election cycle, and limiting political ads and debates to NPR, PBS, and C-SPAN.

Womens’ Rights

Our campaign supports equal pay for equal work for all workers, including women. We will introduce legislation to force all businesses and government agencies to display salaries for all of their employees publicly. This bill will allow women and minorities to pursue litigation against employers that do not respect their right to equal pay for equal work.

Increasing rates of maternal mortality are unacceptable, especially among black women. We will pursue any and every policy to reduce these rates, and be certain that doctors are listening to women.

Sexual Violence

Women and minorities face staggering amounts of sexual and domestic violence in our country. To reduce incidents of sexual violence, many reforms must be implemented.

We do not believe law enforcement officers should be handling victims of sexual and domestic violence. A trained professional should always be handling a victim’s case and be a liaison to law enforcement, and this should be free of charge. We will punish any law enforcement officer that makes light of a victim’s situation. Additionally, victims should be able to change their case worker at will, and should be able to submit accusations to case workers via the internet.

We do not believe that law enforcement officers who have been convicted of domestic or sexual violence should be allowed to keep their jobs.

We will create a public, federal log of all such law enforcement officers that have been accused of domestic or sexual violence, and a federal court and federal investigation agency will pursue each accusation.

We will provide federal funding to fix the rape kit backlog.

We will fund the training of additional social workers, therapists, and psychiatrists so that victims can have a proper standard of care.

Sex workers frequently are murdered, traumatized, and discarded by society. They will be exploited so long as sex work remains illegal. We believe in legalizing prostitution for adults capable of consent, prosecuting pimps and sex traffickers, and rewarding sex workers monetarily for turning their abusers in. Similarly, we do not want sex workers to be exploited by the market, their clients, the government, or by the business they are part of. Therefore, we will advocate that all nonindependent sex workers be organized into workers cooperatives and have those cooperatives be overlooked by a sex worker elected commission of both sex workers and health professionals to ensure worker safety. We support healthcare, job transition training, pensions, good wages, and all similar benefits for sex workers and all workers.

We will provide federal funding to house, support, and provide counseling to all people impacted by domestic violence and sexual trauma. Similarly, we support duty-free cancellation of leases for those who are on the same lease as someone who has physically abused them.

We believe in the ability to create recall elections against any politician, and we also believe in communities being able to initiate recall elections against local law enforcement officers.

Foreign Policy

Endless wars have only destroyed America’s reputation. We will put an end to all foreign wars unless our aid is specifically requested to prevent genocide.

We will abide by the International Court of Justice, and formally apologize to Nicaragua and other countries America has illegitimately interfered with.

We will expel Turkey from NATO.

We will reduce the nuclear stockpile to a manageable number for self defense.

We will affirm America’s commitments to international agreements such as the Paris Agreement and the Iran Deal.

We will negotiate a freedom of movement deal with the European Union & Canada, as well as other countries who are willing to join this deal. We will also create a legal process to expand this deal to more countries in the future, should they request it.

We will normalize trade relations with Cuba, which has cost the Cuban economy ~754.39 billion USD and has cost the American economy ~1.2 billion USD each year. We are the only country blockading Cuba: this must end.

GSRM Protections

Many in the GSRM community have experienced discrimination in healthcare, in employment, in marriage, in benefits, and more. We will end all discrimination on these bases, and create a legal system where the GSRM community will be able to pursue their discrimination grievances, free of charge.

We will introduce a bill to close all GSRM conversion camps, and make those who operated them criminally liable.

We will make it legally possible to designate X as a gender on official government documents. We will streamline the entire legal gender designation and name change process in order to make it free of charge and without bureaucracy for both GSRM and non-GSRM folks.

We will be sure that our health system and government follows WPATH guidelines.

Tax Reform

Billionaires will finally pay their fair share. We will implement a truly progressive tax for both income and capital gains.

We will close loopholes for large corporations and institute a minimum tax liability for corporations with assets over half a billion.

Social Security

We will increase the employer social security tax to fund and expand Social Security.

We will set the retirement age as life-expectancy minus 20 years.

Racial Justice

We will combat racial inequality at every turn. The problem is systemic, and striving towards racial justice means we must undertake systemic solutions. This is an issue that is hard to keep brief, and our policies are stepping stones towards making a more just society.

We believe in democracy and the right to vote. We will end discrimination on this basis by creating new systems to make gerrymandering obsolete, by ending voter ID laws, by automatically registering everyone to vote, and by making Election Day a national holiday.

We will end the War on Drugs, reform civil asset forfeitures, eliminate private prisons, end cash bail, end all mandatory minimums, and bring about major police department reform. We will institute nationwide instant recall elections for all elected officials and local law enforcement officers.

We will provide funding to be sure that minority communities are not being poisoned by hazardous waste by our businesses or through poor infrastructure, we will fund cleanups of hazardous waste in minority communities, and we will provide funding to assist communities against climate change.

We believe that by transitioning to a single payer healthcare platform, we will be able to begin to address the systemic issue of medical discrimination. We are also concerned about medical malpractice reform, as minorities and people with disabilities are usually the first to have to deal with the economic, medical, and legal ramifications of medical malpractice.

Our campaign believes in equal pay for equal work. We will introduce legislation to force all businesses and government agencies to display salaries for all of their employees publicly. This bill will allow folks to pursue litigation against employers that do not respect their right to equal pay for equal work.

We will end the affordable housing crisis, and we will create a nationwide rent control program.

We must make all public education tuition free to combat education discrimination.

We believe in creating a cheap banking alternative at every post office to combat financial discrimination.

We will guarantee a job to every American who wants one, in an effort to end structural unemployment and underemployment faced by minority communities.

Do you have any suggestions for our platform? Email to have your voice heard.