How do we define left? Well this is rather simple: do they support single payer MedicareForAll? Do they support things like the Green New Deal and environmental sustainability? Then we see you as further left than about 90% of American politicians, because you actually care about whether or not the average person dies of fixable things. Here you will find a list of public organizations and figures that support these very popular policies.

Left US Congressional Candidates in GA:

Asher Nuckolls | GA 11th, Northwest Atlanta Metro | <<< This is us. We support single payer Medicare4All, the Green New Deal with a sustainability target by 2030, extensive governmental and electoral reform (including decentralization and oversight of the executive branch, as well as making more than two parties viable), and ending discrimination against workers cooperatives and unions. We want to build a grassroots movement that will exist long after our campaign is over by giving people information to join unions and organizations, as well as hosting those organizations if their bylaws permit it.

Lisa Ring | GA 1st, Southeast Georgia | <<< Repped M4A and the Green New Deal

Antonio Cortez Hicks | GA 4th, East Atlanta Metro | <<< Antonio followed us on Twitter, repped M4A and the GreenNewDeal, Rose Caucus Member.

Nabilah Islam | GA 7th, North East Atlanta Metro | <<< Honorable mention, but not 'left' by our definition. Repped a universal healthcare system, not singlepayer M4A. Supports environmental legislation, does not mention a 2030 target. Seems to dodge single payer Bernie-style M4A questions. Update us if this changes.

Jimmy Cooper | GA 8th, South Central Georgia | <<< Running for nomination in the Green Party, has no Democrat opponents. Supports single payer Medicare for All and the Green New Deal by 2030.

Antwon Stephens | GA 9th, Northeast Georgia | <<< Mentions they read Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky, supports Medicare for All in a post. No website it seems: hard to find info.

Michael Owens | GA 13th, Southwest Atlanta Metro | <<< reps M4A and the GreenNewDeal in that area.

Help keep this list curated by tweeting at us @VoteNuckolls and emailing us at if you learn of someone new / someone on our list backtracked. We can't research everything.

Left US Senatorial Candidates in GA:

Ted Terry | <<< Supports single payer MedicareForAll, does not mention the environment on his campaign document. He has in the past been a solid mayor, perhaps one of the best in Georgia, and there have been videos of him supporting clean power, so perhaps he supports the Green New Deal. He endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Help keep this list curated by tweeting at us @VoteNuckolls and emailing us at if you learn of someone new / someone on our list backtracked. We can't research everything.

National (currently) unaffiliated orgs: <<< These folks are an OG union and helped give us the 8 hour work day and helped end child labor. Always support the IWW. <<< Democratic Socialists of America. Join it if you can afford it. Lots of folks have gripes about them, but they're the best we got. <<< DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus. We're huge fans, obviously. <<< Left legal & political advocacy <<< National Food Not Bombs

Local (currently) unaffiliated orgs: <<< Workplace doesn't have a union yet? Get in contact with these folks and organize with them. Have a union? Do that anyways. More unions, more good. <<< For Socialist folks in North GA that like guns and want to defend themselves. <<< For GSU Students <<< For UGA Students <<< For GaTech Students <<< For KSU Students <<< For Emory Students <<< For Georgia College Students <<< General Atlanta DSA <<< Augusta DSA <<< Former North Georgia DSA <<< Sunrise Movement, Atlanta <<< Sunrise Movement, North Georgia <<< Occupy Wall Street Atlanta <<< Savannah Food Not Bombs <<< Atlanta Food Not Bombs <<< Spanish speaking Abolish ICE Movement <<< Black Alliance for Just Immigration <<< Southerners On New Ground, GSRM Organizing, intersectionality

If we missed a local, legal, large, out and proud socialist organization please let us know. Feel free to email our campaign about our platform and how to expand it.