How do we define left? Well this is rather simple: do they support single payer MedicareForAll? Do they support things like the Green New Deal and environmental sustainability? Here you will find a list of public organizations that support these policies.

National (currently) unaffiliated orgs: <<< These folks are an OG union and helped give us the 8 hour work day and helped end child labor. Always support the IWW. <<< Democratic Socialists of America. Join it if you can afford it. Lots of folks have gripes about them, but they're the best we got. <<< DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus. We're huge fans, obviously. <<< Left legal & political advocacy <<< National Food Not Bombs

Local (currently) unaffiliated orgs: <<< Workplace doesn't have a union yet? Get in contact with these folks and organize with them. Have a union? Do that anyways. More unions, more good. <<< For Socialist folks in North GA that like guns and want to defend themselves. <<< For GSU Students <<< For UGA Students <<< For GaTech Students <<< For KSU Students <<< For Emory Students <<< For Georgia College Students <<< General Atlanta DSA <<< Augusta DSA <<< Former North Georgia DSA <<< Sunrise Movement, Atlanta <<< Sunrise Movement, North Georgia <<< Occupy Wall Street Atlanta <<< Savannah Food Not Bombs <<< Atlanta Food Not Bombs <<< Spanish speaking Abolish ICE Movement <<< Black Alliance for Just Immigration <<< Southerners On New Ground, GSRM Organizing, intersectionality

If we missed a local, legal, large, out and proud socialist organization please let us know. Feel free to email our campaign about our platform and how to expand it.